Six Year Old Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism

Verum Et Inventa

I am 100% for equality for everyone, as long as nobody is hurting anyone else, and nobody is trying to shove their agenda down my throat. Having said that, I understand the shock factor behind the making of this video. I do not agree with the idea that six year old girls had to be used to deliver this message. Why couldn’t they use women in business suits and work uniforms instead? The tone of voice from an adult woman would have given this ad the same impact. To reiterate, the purpose of this ad campaign is to sell tee shirts to adult women.

The first segment of this video is from Fox News, and it is followed by commentary from Anita Fuentes.

Title: Parent’s Sell Daughter’s Innocence to the Devil for a $15.00 T-Shirt (YT link) Uploaded by Evangelist Anita Fuentes.

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