We live in a world of secular humanism, it’s everywhere, schools, colleges, universities, politics, lierary world, in movies, it’s all over radio & cable networks, all over mass media. Even in many churches. Man has really gotten to the point where he thinks he knows more than Almighty God. Science and all the man made theories like evolution, and Big Bang are just that “theories” well educated guesses about how life began. The Bible says that this day would in fact come. Scripture refers to it as “apostasy”, and “…a great falling away”. Jesus Christ said, “…let no man deceive you”. And yet millions if not billions are deceived, confused, tricked if you will into believing in man’s theories, in man’s doctrines, in man’s laws, in man’s religious practices, in man’s ideologies. Why are millions following man when they should be following Jesus Christ? Arrogance which breaks down to “pride”…

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