Liberals v.s. Israel


Don’t believe the American or even the Western news media, and politicians when they say Israel’s sworn enemies Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine, want peace. The world wide news media has been trying for years to cast Israel as the aggressor and the tyrant in the Middle East. Liberals like Obama, Clinton, former president Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein constantly criticize Israel when they should be condemning Hamas’ constant rocket attacks, construction of underground tunnels, and murder of Israeli citizens. I pray that Americans will stand strongly and boldly for Israel in these last days instead of buying into the liberal news media, and politicians lies about Israel. The American news media is corrupt and bias in so many ways against Israel, this is becoming clearer and clearer to see. President Obama secretly hates Israel, and will do everything in his power to see that Iran gets nuclear weapons, no matter…

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