White House/Congressional coordinator for Obama on gun control fires pistol at boyfriend

Liberal news media silent, too busy airing phony poll numbers about Carly Fiorina beating Trump in 2nd debate, which is a total lie.

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Ya just can’t make this up, then again the source is CNN and with that group, all things are possible.

Hum, apparently her apartment wasn’t a gun free zone, what’s up with that?

A special assistant to the president, the president who recently lamented that an inability to pass gun control was one of the great failures of his administration, was arrested Friday after she allegedly fired a pistol at her boyfriend during a domestic dispute.


Apparently she will not be working for Dianne Feinstein anytime soon.

Ugly-Face-of-Tyranny-610x400Barvetta Singletary, 37, didn’t help advance her boss’ crusade against gun violence when she invited her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, over to her house for sex.

Afterwards, she accused him of seeing another woman and demanded to see the texts on his cellphones.

When he refused, Singletary reached into her boyfriend’s bag, according to the arresting documents, and pulled out the…

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