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The majority of funding  to the United Nations does and always has come from the United States.   Why?  Good question.  Our government is a sucker for pissing our money away.

For the most part, the U.N. has done little for world peace or stablizing the world economy; they aren’t even a good Red Cross organization.

U.N. forces can stay out of the U.S., their only purpose here is to go against our citizens, because a tyrant like Obama can not and should not count on the U.S. military  moving against their own.

Stay the hell out of the U.S., we’ll keep the stock piles of vehicles you have, we paid for most anyway, our military and police forces can use them. :).

This may be a very vague blog, just wanting to make a point.   We have no need for the presence of the U.N. in our country…

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