12 Jewish Charities Featured on Forbes’ Top 200 List

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Taking a Closer Look

On Forbes Magazine’s list of top 200 US charities, 12 Jewish foundations are featured.

Who are they? I think you will find their names no surprise based on Forbes’ criteria of “charitable commitment, fundraising efficiency, and donor dependency.”

Foundation Net Assets Charitable Commitment Fundraising Efficiency Donor Dependency
American Jewish Committee $110 million 81% 91% 65%
American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee $347 million 92% 99% 89%
Anti-Defamation League $21 million 79% 88% 85%
Hadassah: Women’s Zionist Org. of America $675 million 84% 93% 40%
PEF/ Israel Endowment Funds $134 million 98% 100% 97%
United Jewish Communities (Federation system):
Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Miami,
New York, San Francisco
See details below See details below See details below See details below

Forbes’ Criteria: Taking a Closer Look

SarcaserSo who are the largest US Jewish foundations and what do we need to know about them?

First let’s talk about…

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