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George Soros sponsors violence, its his agenda of division; you can’t put that on Trump. Soros is an opportunistic; and he took advantage of Trump and the Trump supporters, the crowd size.  Soros saw the perfect opportunity to disrupt and divide……and pin it on Trump and he used the Black Lives Matters, the MoveOn and Bernie Sanders socialism to promote violence.   Trump should be commended for keeping it to a minimum.

I seldom, almost never watch Face the Nation.   This morning I turned it on and remembered why I never watch; talk about extreme left liberal agenda pushers.   Critical of Trump saying “Islam hates us.”.   People haven’t learned that they preach hate against the West, against Israel.   I know, not all Muslims hate America……..but they still preach it, and they preach it in their Mosques in America.   From Face the Nation “we have to…

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