Dear America,

While you still have a country PLEASE stop listening to the left wing mainstream news media, and entertainment crowd. Donald Trump does NOT have to doing what he is doing putting him and his family at risk, with all his real estate and money Trump could just be sitting back watching the USA go down the tubes, and become part of The New World Order, (one world government) instead he is trying to save America’s economy, keep business’ from relocating overseas, secure the U.S./Mexico border by building the wall, Stop the flow of drugs, gangs and terrorists from entering the country. Instead of saying, “…well, he was a liberal before he ran for president”, well Trump is a conservative now. People can change for the better. Remember Trump is using his own money to fund his own campaign only to be smeared, attacked, and lied about by 24 hour liberally bias news networks. Trump and his family could be sitting on a tropical island drinking Mities & Margaritas, partying while America gets “radically transformed” and sold out by corrupt politicians. Think about that.



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