America is being invaded, and most Americans are focused on NBA and college basketball, Dancing With The Stars, or the Donald Trump/Megyn Kelly Feud than preparing for radical Islamic extremism. Most of these “refugees” as they are so kindly referred to in the mainstream media are military age males who have combat and bomb making backgrounds, and will impose their radical Islamic beliefs (i.e. Sharia Law) on the “politically correct” American society. America is more divided than ever before in it’s history politically, socially, spiritually, economically, and in every other way. streets have already erupted in violence and a war on cops has been in effect ever since the controversial shooting of Michael Brown a young man who was assulting a police officer, and grabbing for the officer’s weapon in Ferguson Missouri, who the news media reported was gunned down in cold blood with his hands up, saying “don’t shoot” which after futher investigation turned out to be completely an inaccurate account of the actual events. With America’s present social and economic turmoil happening, taking in possibly hundreds of thousands Syrian and Iraqi young Islamic (radicalized) men will only add to the divisions and social strife that already exist in America. Terrorist training camps have also been reported in nearly every state in the USA, and little or no action is taken by authorities to investigate these compounds. Liberal left wing politicians continue to assure the American public that USA is safer than it’s ever been, and cast concerned citizens who are skeptical about the refugee resettlement as being “Islam-a-phobic”,paranoid, and conspiracy nuts. In light of the San Bernardino, California shootings, The Chattanooga, Tennessee Marine recruiting station shootings, The Boston Marathon Bombings, and other instances of violent radical Islamic extremism. I pose the question how many more U.S. citizens must die, be shot, or blown up in order for people to wake up and realize this is not immigration this is an INVASION. 


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