Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture, I’m not talking about the muppet frog drinking tea, after all everyone KNOWS tea is good for the body (Ha-Ha). Just think about it people, why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and even Jordan, and even Iran for that matter take in their fair share of all these Syrian and Iraqi refugees? Afterall it would be cheaper, more cost effective, less dangerous than sailing in makeshift rafts made out of trash across The Mediterranean Sea, and they (the refugees) would be able to remain in their Islamic cultural environment far and away from “The Great Satan” America and The West (Europe). I never did understand why millions of Muslims want to come here to the USA when they truly believe we are in fact “The Great Satan” of the world. Furthermore, it’s very odd how Saudi Arabia has the facilities to house most if not all the migrants, but openly refuses to do so when it is only right next door. One would think that The United Nations and the Vatican as well as U.S. Congress would be putting more pressure on Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf Arab States to do more for their fellow Muslims, but instead Pope Francis, and the United Nations urge the West to take in millions of Muslims???

National Security


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