God bless Donald J. Trump for not only putting his nation first, and selflessly injecting him and his family into the dirty, nasty, cut throat world of American politics, but leaving his billionaire lifestyle, country clubs, and extravagant lifestyle to get torn apart daily by the NWO ran mainstream and Hollywood medias. Do not ever expect the main stream news networks to report fairly or accurately on President Trump, and his mission to “Make America Great Again” they are totally bias, dishonest, corrupt, and paid to push the New World Order Agenda. The New World Order a.k.a “The Beast System” is rising and there are many powerful, rich, elites who oppose President Trump, and are fighting him all the way. Please pray for our President, and his staff that God Almighty directs their paths gives them the wisdom, strength, and courage they need to get the job done. Ask God to place a shield of protection over President Trump and his staff against every wicked device and attack of the enemy in Jesus’ name. Thank you and God bless you all.


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