Have you ever heard a person say “Well, I got mine”? As if all they care about is what’s in it for them. I hear this quite often in America today. When did America go from “United we stand,”help your brother along the way” and …” it is more blessed to give than to receive” to this it’s all about me, myself, and I what’s in it for me attitude? These are the same people who criticize American politicians for being greedy and corrupt. Now we can sit on social media all day long and pass judgment on the New World Order elites, and how they are trying to take over the world thru their back room government deals, and cry about The Clintons, The Rothschilds, The Builderburgs, etc. but at the end of the day the spirit of greed really does exist in us all. For instance, people who spend time and money on their dog or cat than helping a family member or a friend in need. I know people who spend thousands on doomsday prepper supplies, sports betting, guns and ammo, and other bizarre items then expect you to treat them to lunch or pay them a hotel room rate when you go to visit them once or twice a year. These are the same people who will look you in the eye, and say “if there is anything you need just to let them know”. What’s my point? One day we will all have to stand before our maker (God) and answer for this, and I would hate to look Jesus Christ in the eye and say “well, Lord it was my money, and so I did as I pleased with it. How about y’all?


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